How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way People Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021

Business Wire IndiaDue to the COVID pandemic, most couples are choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 indoors rather than stepping out. Add to it ‘lockdown fatigue’, many couples this year need innovative ways of expressing and communicating their love to their partner. A quick dipstick survey conducted by Oye Happy found that 80% of couples, who previously celebrated Valentine’s Day at a club, restaurant or outdoors, prefer doing so at home this year. “Till 2020, we saw a huge demand for our dining, spa and sport experiences on Valentine’s Day. However, this year, the inquiries for those have been minimal and we’ve decided to focus all our efforts on creating the most innovative Valentine’s Day gifts online for our clients. So new ways of adding intimacy to a relationship through interactive gifts have gained a new appeal among couples. And the happiness that a surprise from one’s partner brings definitely helps in trying times,” shares Varun Todi, co-founder of an online gifting company called Oye Happy.

A Valentine’s Day gift is being looked upon as a great way to remind our loved ones that, no matter what, we will always love them. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a well-thought-out surprise. We have helped hundreds of our clients make their relationship even stronger by customizing and creating gifts for their loved ones. “This Valentine’s Day, we are seeing an uptick in the orders for gifts that are helping clients express their love in simple ways, like getting a bunch of friendly strangers to wish the special one for a special occasion. Greater number of clients are also an option for higher value gift hampers, which help convey love in a grand way,” says Harshvardhan Khemani, Oye Happy’s other co-founder.
Making Valentine’s Day online gifts truly romantic and innovative.

Valentine’s Day as an occasion has gained as much popularity as Anniversaries and Birthdays. The pressure of buying the right gift for the 14th of February, especially since couples are unable to celebrate it outside this year, has led to a 40% surge in sales already. Some of the best-selling gifts include –

7 Days of Valentine – For a lot of couples, Valentine’s Day begins on the 7th of February with Rose Day. The idea of Valentine’s Week has been conceptualised to represent the different phases every couple goes through. To make someone’s entire week special, you need to ensure that your gift or your gesture complements the day of the week. The ‘7 days of Valentine’ hamper has been designed to do just that.

Board games for couples – Lockdown got a lot of couples addicted to online games such as ludo and scrabble. To continue the trend and to allow couples to interact with each other in more exciting ways, we have introduced a range of board games designed exclusively for couples. What started as an experiment in July last year has evolved into an expansive range of board games that couples can use to share chores, unravel secrets and earn brownie points to be redeemed from each other.
Proposal Boxes – Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for millions of ‘almost-couples’ to pop the inevitable question and to propose each other. Proposal gifts, in the form of customized rings, radio shows and hampers – have comprised 23% of total valentine’s Day sales this year. 

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