Popular Fashion Brands AND and Global Desi Launch Their First-Ever Fragrance Series in Collaboration with Ajmal Perfumes

Business Wire IndiaHouse of Anita Dongre launches its signature fragrances that define the spirit of the AND and Global Desi women. An endeavour undertaken with the expertise of Ajmal Perfumes, a homegrown perfumery brand with a rich heritage acquired through 70 years of experience.
The brands and Ajmal group have co-created the fragrance lines through extensive feedback from over 600 loyal customers of the brands. The two brands sent out 8 sample fragrances to their outlets located across India for customers to experience. The perfume bouquet that came to be the brands’ signature scents were the ones that customers consistently picked as the best out of the carefully-curated samples. The scents outline the ethos of the two brands: AND reflecting the fiercely independent and confident persona and Global Desi imbibing notes of wanderlust and artistic whimsy.
“AND and Global Desi have always aimed at creating fashion that is accessible, empowering, and inclusive for the evolving Indian woman. To create unique and quality fragrances, a partnership with a market leader like Ajmal Perfumes is another step in that direction,” says Anita Dongre, Chief Creative Officer, House of Anita Dongre.
Commenting on the collaboration, Abdulla Ajmal, Business Mentor and Perfumist, Ajmal & Sons – India, says, “We are the only farm-to-fragrance perfume house in the world with some of the raw materials and ingredients grown in our very own plantations. This is because we are growers first. We respect craftsmanship. We have over seven decades of experience in crafting signature fragrances for some of the biggest fragrance houses, worldwide. With the House of Anita Dongre collaboration, we wanted to create a special line of fine fragrances tailored-to-perfection for Indian sensibilities. We delved into the universe of olfactory ingredients that is familiar and comforting to the Indian preferences, and along with that, driven by the feedback from AND & Global Desi consumers, we experimented with the tried-n-tested classic fragrance pyramids to create a line spanning over 16 fragrant compositions that’s tailored-to-perfection to evoke your memories and emotions.”
Kavindra Mishra, Managing Director, House of Anita Dongre says, “AND and Global Desi are extremely customer centric brands that have established themselves as household names over a period of time. As brands led by innovation, we were on the lookout for the next customer experience that would elevate our offerings. It was then that we decided to partner with Ajmal Perfumes that shared the same values as ours built on a strong DNA, heritage, and legacy.”
Elaborating on the retail strategy Saurav Bhattacharya, President – Operations, Ajmal & Sons – NHA Division, India, says, This collaboration allows us to introduce high quality fragrances at an accessible price point with complete control over quality that reflects in the final product. The Body Mist is an interesting category priced very attractively to serve as an invitation for potential and aspiring AND and Global Desi customers to enter the perfumery segment. With quality and pricing as the key components, the co-brands will offer 28 different products across EDP and Body Mist categories, which will retail across online and offline channels. For online, the aim is to launch the product on top e-commerce platforms, and for offline, the brand plans to expand the business to 500+ doors, which include AND and Global Desi exclusive brand outlets, apparel Multi-brand outlets, beauty stores, and Ajmal owned stores.”

AND Fragrances are designed to appeal to well-travelled, fiercely independent, confident women who are drawn to fluid silhouettes, soft colors & botanical elements. In tune to the garments, these delicate floral fragrances are designed to be glamorous yet comfortable. Cheerful, Romantic, Carefree & Enigmatic – the fragrances are inspired by the many shades of the AND woman. The range comprises of 4 Eau De Parfums and 4 Fragrance Mists.
Price Points: EDP: 100 ml is for INR 1800; 50ml is for INR 1200 | Body Mists: 200 ml is for INR 400

Global Desi fragrances, comprising of 4 Eau De Parfums and 4 Fragrance Mists that capture the free-spirited, alluring, mystical and independent essence of the Global Desi Woman. A tribute to her artistic expression, each fragrance from the Global Desi range, is mindfully created to cast an olfactory spell that conjures up impressions of the wonderland that exists in her heart and soul, a place from where she derives her grit and charisma.
Price Points: EDP: 100 ml is for INR 1600; 50ml is for INR 1000 | Body Mists: 200 ml is for INR 350
The fragrances are available across India in all AND & Global Desi exclusive stores, brand websites www.andindia.com, www.globaldesi.in, in.ajmalperfume.com, and 3rd party e-commerce platforms alongside Department Stores.

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