AIIMS approves two vaccines for use in India by January

Coronavirus vaccines are ready to be used by January 2021, as two vaccine candidates have advanced to the phase 3 trials that are planned to be used in emergency situations. 

The vaccine of the Serum Institute, Covidshield and Bharat Biotech, Covaxin can be made available for use in India by January 2021.

On December 4, in the all-party meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also said in a few weeks vaccine shots will be made available in India. He also mentioned that the price of the vaccine which will be finalised considering the interests of the people with the state government’s permission. 

Narendra Modi strictly demanded the political parties to not spread rumours and make pseudo claims about the vaccines. Presently, eight vaccines are being developed by scientists in the country and they are confident that their advancement in the vaccine research has increased the chances of combating the disease. However, it is important to consequently adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures of the coronavirus. 

It is planned that the patients, old people and the frontline workers would receive the vaccine first. The Indian policies were formulated keeping in mind the scientific rules which has resulted in the country’s successful control measures and treatment. 

The centre and states have been working and coordinating intimately for developing the vaccine. Its distribution and administration has been planned better than the other countries. The prime minister also said that the vaccination network and capitalisation is highly efficient and effective however some details and logistics will be required from the state governments. 

India has reportedly developed a software, Covin which will provide the schedule of the administration of the vaccine along with the information about its stocks and availability. A special force of experts have also been set up for the research which also constitutes officers from every zone and concerned ministries. 

The AIIMS Director, Guleria has also said that India’s vaccines are ready to be made available for the public soon after the phase three trial ends. The United Kingdom has also given its approval to the Pfizer vaccine for emergency usage. 

Pfizer can also be approved in India within days only if the drug controller permits its usage on the basis of the details and results. He also has the authority to request more tests and would not require Indian data results, he added. Apparently, Guleria had said that vaccines could not be made available for the people till 2022. 

However, now in case of an emergency, if approval is given, the companies will be allowed to administer the vaccine for a limited time to control the situation. In order to secure the approval, they will have to submit the information of the vaccine which would include the effectivity, the side effects and other details which would be helpful in securing the permission. 

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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