After cruise and land, aerial version of BrahMos missile successfully test-fired

On October 30, the Indian Air Force successfully test-fired the aerial version of the supersonic cruise missile Brahmos in the Bay of Bengal from a Sukhoi fighter plane. 

The aircraft took off from the Punjab base and belonged to Thanjavur-based Tigersharks squadron which was later needed to be refuelled mid-air. The missile had accurately hit the sinking ship, ie, the target. 

Photo credits- the Financial Express

The BrahMos Missile can accurately hit any target from large stand-off ranges on both the sea and land. 

India has been testing its missiles and weapons amidst India-China ongoing conflicts and the stand-off in the Eastern side of the Ladakh.

This was the third BrahMos missile that was tested in the last two months. 

Recently, on September 30, India had successfully test-fired the land version of the Supersonic Cruise Missile BrahMos. Later, upgradations were made in the missile that increased the range from 290 km to 400 km. 

It was followed by the successful testing of the cruise version of BrahMos from the stealth destroyer of the Indian Navy, INS Chennai in the Arabian sea on October 18. The missile was capable of accurately hitting the target even in utmost complex situations. 

photo credits- google images

On May 2019, the successful testing of the first version of the BrahMos missile was conducted. Another weapon, Rudram-1, an anti-radiation missile was successfully test-fired and it will be in operation by 2022. 

India has successfully test-fired the different versions of the BrahMos missiles and other important and destructive weapons, they have been launched from various complex situations on the border around Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. 

The Indian Air Force has planned to install the supersonic missile on 40 Sukhoi fighter aircraft which will boost the combatting power of the Army. 

The missiles are the result of the partnership between India and Russia. It has the capability of launching from ships, aircraft, land and even submarines. 

The laser-guided anti-tank weapon with nuclear capability hypersonic missile ‘Shaurya’ was also test-fired which has the range to destroy over 1000 km. India has been preparing strategically for future contingency situations. 

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