Galgotias Becoming The Leading Destination for Films and Photography, by collaborating with industry professionals.

Galgotias is now leading in films and photography by collaborating with industry professionals  

Mass communication in our country suffers from an inadequate supply of ‘ready to use in industry’ talents. The main reasons for this plight is inadequate facilities, obsolete curriculum, modicum exposure to industry, teachers with hardly any industrial experience and unable to cope-up with the dynamic nature of technology.

Due to these shortcomings, less students are employable. Many of the employed students find themselves in various underpaid and under-qualified roles in the industry which deflate their growth potential. This ultimately leads to the loss of capital, time, manpower and resources.

Galgotias University eradicate all these inadequacies, and provides the world with its exclusive B.A and M.A programs in Mass Communication. Galgotias collaborates with industry professionals to give on-ground experience in media and entertainment industry. Experts like Maverick-works, etc. conduct regular workshops in photography, film production and other related fields. And this is just the beginning. Galgotias is set to become the only private university which is in collaboration with the stalwarts in mass communication. These programs are intricately in association with ISOMES and Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication. Due to this, the program itself becomes industry oriented and attract the eyes of Media and film big-wigs. World class facilities and teaching methodology which are advanced enough to match the dynamics of the media despite not sacrificing the essence and the meaning of education.  

Galgotias not only provides quality education but also show the right path to make an illustrious career in entertainment and media industry; and it is just the beginning for a big transition.

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