Myths vs Reality

Ever heard your mom yelling at you for not making your teeth look milky white after brushing them? Well that’s not their fault, everyone thinks that teeths should look white in their natural colour, but the truth is that the real color of our teeth is light yellow. Well, never mind. There are millennia of things which we pretend to know, but don’t know. Take a look at some myths vs truth behind them.

1. No swollen batteries from now.

2. That’s mood , not military.

3. Be smart when you say this the next time.

4. Don’t bother yourself the next time for this.

5. Don’t trust the movies.

6. Don’t wait for winters from now.

7. Especially for girls.

8. That’s simple and straight.

8. Yeah. Remember Sunny Paji !

9. Don’t curse the little black cat next time.

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