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Second wave of COVID-19 setting death records in India

That’s exactly how the government has made it look like.

The source of data: Wikipedia and JHU CSSE Covid 19 Data. Total cases world wide: 141M, India cases:15.6M, Covid Deaths in India: 1,82,553. (Last updated data 4 days ago). Very heartfelt speech by Prime minister Modi while he addressed the country. A speech in which he thanked people of the country for their contribution during the entire 2nd wave. He also said, “Wherever we are today is because of the cooperation of people and their mindful act” he also said “we are in a better place.”

Image source: Reuters (An image from West bengal)

It was so impressive that Mumbai’s alone fine collection for violation of covid public protocols is nearly 50CR. Prime minister also revised last year’s COVID situation, reminding us of our health care facilities and medical advancement was not really up to the mark. He said, “We almost took an entire year to understand the virus, since it was fresh and strange.” He also drew comparison between this time (second wave) and last time (first wave). He said, “Now we understand more about the virus, set-ups, major aspects and our scientists have developed the cheapest vaccine in world.” But in his speech he did not mention how states and hospitals are also running short of the vaccines and oxygen cylinders instead Mr. modi said, “The availability of the vaccines will remain free of cost in the Government hospitals.”

Image source: Reuters

He also added the government will speed up and strengthen the vaccination drive for people above 18 years of age after May 1st. Meanwhile in a recent record of highest deaths 2020 people died on 21st April 2021 alone. People were found struggling with availability of beds in hospitals, oxygen supplies, medical facility and vaccines.

A message to central government from: Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi Chief Minister)

Mr. Modi also applauded the NGOs, communities and people involved in helping people hit by the pandemic. He has also pleaded people to come forward in smaller groups and support the people in need and also ensure that people around them are following Covid protocols. If they do so, the government will never have to set up containment zones, curfews, and the Central government hopes and does not want to impose lockdown. The Prime Minister has requested the States to see lockdown as the last option.

In a recent development and the prevailing Covid situation of India, UK is to add India inRED travel list, also Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not be able to travel to India.

But for now, the Indian Prime Minister can be seen requesting and expecting cooperation from the people and the people are expecting for a rigid action to curb the COVID crisis. In the see-saw of expectations between the Government and the public all we see the death toll rising and setting up records every single day.

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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