Stop Walking out of the Coffin to say #MeToo

By Sharad Maverick (Editor – Maverick Times)

Why do I see people waking up and walking in #MeToo trend now? The slumber was pretty long, about 4 to 7 years?

Why didn’t they report the incidents when they were facing such atrocities? Were they dealing it as a situation in career? And not after 4-7 years? Why is it that they realized after a long time that they were raped?

No one would deny these cases as the patriarchal world is highly notorious for that. But I don’t see any recent reports! Why is that? Because they are dealing with the ups and down of the careers now? Because they think that keeping mouth shut is the only way to climb the ladder in the industry?

All of these people, who are reporting the incidents, after many years,  would worsen the situation for few more people as they won’t stop if you won’t report now. 

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