Things B-town Industry Should Realise, But they Never Will!

Would it be wrong to conclude the future of films and art in darkness, arts students are still struggling for better future scopes and career opportunities. To be more specific students of Applied Art, Cinema, Film studies. Even when Bollywood is such a huge industry with immense possibilities of employment and career opportunities. Why is it said about films?, it’s all about luck and patience.

Definitely! it’s about luck, When in the population of around 1 billion people there are barely two government institutions in India with approx. 30 student in-take in the course which again comes with reservation and affordable price though. Is it sufficient?

This isn’t about reservation this is about student who are willing to pursue film studies and see their future in film, cinema, drama or acting. The other options are private institution with high fees than the delivery of the study and no career security. The question of the career security was raised the very same day the student thought to purse their career in films. Only if they could study they would produce nice sensible movie which has the ability to bring the change in the society and has a unique side of the story and film production.

What should be the approach?

Try to reach out for field experience if you could not succeed getting admissions. Very good, But how? If you are thinking to reach out production houses directly with your resume the very first thing you’ll face would be the security and you’d be asked for the person who has asked you to see. Whats next?

Try to get in touch with production houses and concerned person professionally through mail or inbox, only if thats the way things work in the industry, people barely check mails. Let me correct people barely revert. I have put here experience of more than 10 people including fresher and experienced only 1 out 10 mails are acknowledged rightly. Rest of them rest in peace.

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Do not depend- If you are really passionate about films and photography do not depend on productions houses, agencies try to work on yourself as preserve your skills by reading as much as you can and then practice them when you get an opportunity. Be your best! Collaborate with local people budding artist help each other you can’t do all the things on the board alone make your own small unit. Divide work and have an advance and proper workflow of things that leads to better results.

This isn’t a Job– Films and photography aren’t like jobs you have a fresh start after every project with more effort and improved you. It’s a business which depends on the audience and you at the same time.

The status of Bollywood- Do you really think the progress we have made in Bollywood is commendable? Lets consider 1913 the first movie , Alam Ara the second movie 1931, and first coloured movie in 1937. And we still believe in re-makes? We rely upon the second stories, We are still dependent upon the stories of other movies! Why is it so? Why do we lack sense in the movies? Why do we lack advancement in movies? Although there has been a great advancement in the post production Indian cinema which is praise worthy. But the question that stands firm as pillar is why aren’t Indian filmmakers or aspirants working towards unseen. You’ll find the the answers once you re-read the article.

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As a photographer of filmmaker we need to challenges more seriously. and the reason is could write about the Bollywood is because of the good movies Bollywood has give. One of the finest, directors, cinematographers and the unit in all. The only way to make good movies is to learn from the bad ones. It is said if you want to know about a place or country watch a movie of that country. People with sense can make sense.

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A note for Filmmakers- No picture is a bad picture, for the person who has shot it, It’s the matter of subject, Who have you shot the picture for? It’s time film maker aspirants should work more sincerely not like a wannabe but a gonna be. Reading helps. Once misconception about actors are An actor is good looking, An actor is a person who acts.- I sincerely dedicate this to the industry of commerce and nepotism also know as BOLLYWOOD. It’s time have a glance at iconic Bollywood movies with great commercial success.

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