“Aam aadmi ka adhikar- AADHAR” : Discrepancies In Aadhar Data

“Aam aadmi ka adhikar- AADHAR”
Dated back to 28th of January, 2009, Government of India launched ‘Aadhar Card’ under the ministry of electronics and information technology.
Under the governance of present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the citizens of india are availed with numerous subsidies and to enjoy those subsidies aadhar card is mandatory.
Vigorous activation of centres is being arranged from time to time for continue registration of new aadhar cards so that the whole country could be confined under single biometric identification system.A person needs to link his aadhar card to avail following facilities –
* MidDay meals – Scheme started  by government provides one time meal to under privileged children seeking education under such system. These children need to get their aadhar card issued.
* Income tax/PAN – In the firm of return to the Indian government tax payers/ PAN card holders requires to get their aadhar linked with respective cards.
* Day to day transactions- these transactions include getting a new sim, opening a new bank account, etc., people need their aadhar.
* Farmers-to avail fertiliser, seeds, and farming equipments, farmers need aadhar card.
Obediently, farmers of Maharashtra applied for aadhar registration and to their surprise and also because of official’s irresponsibility, on 25th of October, it was found that 100 farmers had same aadhar number. State government said that the assumed online linking of Aadhar card will make everything else much easier bur now is concerned for inverting results.
Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis called an urgent meeting with bankers on 25th itself to address issues like this that becomes hurdles in the way of speedy implementation of the scheme.
A similar case has been reported in a village of Uttrakhand where many people have their false birth date as 1st of January. Discrepancies on such a large level is actually raising eyebrows over recent moves of government making Aadhar compulsory for many fields.

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