“Fantasy Premier League, Top pickups for Game week 10”

With Harry Kane going out of equation for a few days because of a hamstring injury, the frenzies have started to look out for other options this game week and rightly so. The Cup is just eight weeks away and there needs to be a lot calculation and precision. So let’s look at some of the probable beneficial picks for this week.


  1. Shane Duffy (€ 4.5m)

The budget friendly, charming 25 years old Irish defender has to be there in the list no matter what.  Brighton are to face a rather rusty looking   Southampton this week and the way Duffy has scored points in the past couple of weeks, Seems like he can be the Selection of the week with a price tag of just £4.5million.

  1. Nicolas Otamendi (€5.9m)

With Manchester city ready to face West Brom. , Nicolas can be a steal for Fantasy league players as he has an impressive six clean sheets and 55 points so far. With the forte of Man C being offense this season mostly, the fantasy league players would want the defence to make those bonus points for them.


  1. Mohamed Salah (€9.1m)

The Egyptian wenger has been in a tremendous form since his return to the premier league. With Kane being out of the equation this week and the recent news of Coutinho being injured too (NO!), Salah is the one to go with. Five goals and two assists so far are a proof of what he can offer.

2.Richarlison (€6.3m )

The young Man from Brazil has been on the rise for a few weeks now. He has been in my squad for atleast four weeks now and he can be trusted this week too. When Watford face a dry Stoke this week, Richarlison, who has scored in 6 out of 9 matches, can be a valuable asset.


With Lukaku running out of Luck, Harry Kane suffering a hamstring injury and a lot of chaos, Forwards can be easy to pick this week.

  1. Sergio Aguero (€11.8m)

Looking for a champion? Here is one. With Aguero returning to form last week, there are hardly any better options than Aguero this week. With Man C going against West brom, Aguero can break the record for most goals at the club!

  1. Alvaro Morata (€10.3m)

Having returned from an injury last week, the Chelsea striker can be a good bet against Bournemouth. He sure has a hefty price tag but with 50 points under his name, he seems to have done justice to it.


And with the end of the list comes the most dreaded question, “Who Should be the captain this week?” Well, the best options as of now are Sergio Aguero and Mohamed Salah. While Aguero Certainly outweighs Salah in most of the aspects, My choice for captain this week would be Mohamed Saleh as Liverpool face Huddersfield at home and with Coutinho injured, Salah is expected to come out firing this week!

# Player Name(€ price cost of player in million euros)

# Pic Credit : Deviant Art

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