Gully boy- How real is the Gully Hip-hop

The movie’s opening says that it’s a shout out to the artists Naezy and Divine. But, Naezy does not share the screen with Divine in the film. I doubt that how is it a shout out? In an interview, Naezy said, “It’s too early to make a movie about us.”

The film has seen adaptions from the film 8 miles and West’s Hip-Hop, where the name of Movie remains ‘Gully boy’ that means the boy from the street.

In a Beats interview, Divine has said that the movie is not based on his life purely. Still, the movie has certain life events of the rapper of both Naezy and Divine.
Naezy isn’t very happy with the film and his importance. The film also has a glance of North India (Delhi) hip-hop through a rap battle. You may Google the Indian hip-hop scene and you won’t find any instance of such scenes as projected in the movie. No-rap battle video other than the video of Ranveer Singh, the lead, involved himself in the rap-cipher is the only video available on youtube from Bombay scene.
About HIP-HOP: It has always been a way of expression, presenting one’s ideas, thoughts, skills through rhymes and flow sometimes (not necessarily required).  This film does not provide justice to the hardcore hip-hop scenes as it is only inspired by the hip-hop artist’s life events but not Hip-hop truly. The director ‘Zoya Akhtar’ had her own way of presenting Hip-hop as per her understanding not as per the Hip-Hop. It had the appearance of another rapper ‘Raja Kumari’ who did show up very late in the movie same as she has debuted herself late in the Mumbai hip-hop scene. The very base of the city, slums of Dharavi, Naezy’s life situation has been framed through direction.
Definitely, the film has opened doors for budding rappers for Mumbai’s unprivileged artists. The film has now given identification to that artist and they have made people foot-tap on the hip-hop beat.
A nice film, and recognition to underground Artists, but not a true hip-hop film. Why? because when the Artists on whom the film is based aren’t satisfied or given justice, how can we be positive about the movie? It is said cinema is the portrayal of the society which has not been true.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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