How Gold Is Akshay and Excel’s Gold? Review Of GOLD

Releasing a movie on the Independence Day, that’s how movie makers celebrate the day. It has much more to do with, know what!

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The movie gold was released on a very special day targeting the independence mood of the audience. The movie is about India preparing itself and wining it’s first olympics gold in hockey post independence. Great story line to highlight the achievement of India in sports.

What about the achievement of movie making, understanding and justifying the story? Let’s have a look on the film making of the movie from all the aspects. Do you remember the movie ‘Chak de India’ 2007 ? Directed by Shimit Amin cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee VFX by red chillies with the team of core 22 visual artist.  Now let me tell you why is ‘Chak de India’ mentioned here.

Understand. Director has made a movie wanting to highlight and represent the Indian achievement? No a big no, It’s only a source of income with little motivation behind it. Why did I say so? If I would make a movie trying to highlight the prestigious win of country for my audience and nation. It’s my job and responsibility to understand the depth and meaning of the plot of the movie and contribute by my story telling and film as a film maker in the most amazing, effective and the best way I could. The movie Chak de India was released in 2007 with superbly done VFX by red chilles  whereas in 2018 If you see the VFX (crowd duplication, sports, ground, roto-scoping, green screen work) it’s very amateur and was not given enough time. Aamir khan once in an interview said the story writers in India are not given enough importance and value so as the story of the film, even when it is the base and foundation stone of the movie. The question is how do Indian filmmakers contribute in the portrayal of India’s prestigious history? By picking up a nice historical plot and mixing it with the taste of commerce I would not want to mention movies by name as the list in never ending. Let’s straight get on the film making aspects of the movie-

Story-               3.8/5 (Nice historical event to glorify and unite India)

Direction-         3.5/5 (It was nicely directed and also succeeded in the portrayal of the story by-Reema Kagti)

Music-             2.8/5  (Only a track ‘Monabina’ is shot that can draw your attention back in 1940’s)

VFX-               2.5/5  (Amateur)

Starcast-        4/5      (Acting by every character is amazing except for Casting of Mouni Roy isn’t appropriate)

Cinematography-  3.3/5 (Nice, by Álvaro Gutiérrez)

Overall- 3/5

It’s completely your choice to pick it to watch or not.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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