Meet Bipin Bhojpuria; the painter with a golden voice

Sometimes, combination of less opportunities, resources and situations takes the person away from the talent he has in exchange of livelihood. Salary is much like a bribe which is given to many in order to forget the dreams and aspirations. Some people never give up on their talents and keep working for a single moment which can bring a huge difference to their current life. One such person is Bipin Bhojpuria. 

Bipin Bhojpuria is a painter in Delhi. He hails from Varanasi. Bipin wanted to become a singer. He is gifted with such a beautiful voice. But his life had other plans. Poverty directed decision led him to Delhi for livelihood. He continued to sing and mesmerize people around him while working. Day by day, his popularity kept increasing and one day, someone posted his video on the Youtube and others forwarded them on Whatsapp. Have a look

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