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RSS LEXICON FREE of terms like Congress – Mukt Bharat



Mohan Bhagwat, during a book launch of Dnyaneshwar Mulay ( a Ministry of external affairs official), said that terms like Congress – mukt Bharat or RSS mukt bharat are not apt, and people should refrain from using such terms.

Mr. Bhagwat, who is head of the Rashtriya Svyamsevak Sangh, was his useful diplomatic self while delivering his speech, and continually talked about unity of the nation, and how the greater goal of national growth can be achieved. In the mid of all this, he said “Nation-building cannot be the work of one man. It has to be inclusive, requiring the contributions of both the ruling and the Opposition parties,” . He further added, “These [phrases like Congress-mukt Bharat] are political slogans… it is not in the parlance of the RSS. The word mukt (free or liberated) is used in politics and not part of the Sangh’s lexicon. We never use the language of excluding anyone,” . It was actually a  subtle reply to what PM Modi implied when he said that he was following Mahatma Gandhi’s aim of Congress Mukt Bharat. He not only replied to PM, but he actually expressed his unsatisfaction with the Bhartiya Janta Party, the political axle of the sangh parivar.

He also added that essence of hindutva is In one family ( again a subtle message to BJP), the power of individual self, and unity of one nation. It has been a trend that Mr. Bhagwat delivers his message to the BJP through such typically non political events. It remains to be seen of the advice has any effect on Me. Modi and his ‘lexicon’ of anti congress slogans.

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