SAAM: A hard-hitting rap takes on grueling reality of Education in India

SAAM is a Hip-Hop track, It is a take on the education system of India that creates stereotypes & hypocrites of the society. This track takes you through the struggles and bullies a kid has to face, after leaving his hometown for better education. Both shady II & NSN have been a victim of all these.

This track was shot in Behtul and recorded in Mumbai, is about to make its entry in your hip-hop playlist in a few days.

The artist says:

(Shady II)

This song is about schools and education system in India. I am from Siddharth Nagar birth place of lord Buddha. When I was a kid, we used to live in Sohrathgarh, a small town. There were no good schools around. I had to leave home with my bother to attend good school. When we grew we had to leave Siddharth Nagar as it had no good high schools either. Even after that as it didn’t have any colleges. So the question that hits me is why we do as a student or resident of a place have to leave the place for better opportunities, why our town didn’t have schools? There are children like me who are not able to cope up with the deal of being far away from home & family or are not financially strong enough to move out from their city for opportunities. Who is going to take the responsibility of providing schools and opportunities?

Isn’t it the government?

And even if we had one what are the educational standards now a day?

Every day I see cases of student committing crimes and influenced by bad company, rage, molestation, homicide. You’ll come across such stories every now and then.

All of these situations makes me wonder. What are they teaching and what are students learning?

When I was in school my teacher hit me so bad on my palm that I had a blood clot in my finger. That incident was lodged in my mind and here I am telling my story through hip hop.

‘They hit us hard with the sticks on the palms, tryna teach about peace and love like this, what an irony’

What would the student learn?

There’s more to come!!


In a way this song is a story of my childhood the way I have seen things around me in my village the way I grew up in my village. I am also talking about my psychological, societal, development specifically my education friends and family. I have seen and narrated the story through the eyes of a farmer’s child and his relation with his friends and family, I could relate to a farmers child is because my father was one. I have attended both government and private schools, seen the differences between them, and this is what I came up with through the lyrics of my rap. I am also talking about the hardships that I came across while growing up in a village I only considered them as a problem when I moved to a city. I have also talked about my evolution from village to Bombay, and that is what I want to remind myself that’s what made me make the hook of it.

Find their track here:

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