Sunny Leone’s Veeramadevi might face protests like Padmaavat

Pro-Kannada activists on Monday protested against the casting of Sunny Leone in a multi-lingual film Veeramadevi. They might also protest the Bengaluru promotional show if she don’t back out.   

Pro-Kannada activists on Monday protested against the casting of Sunny Leone in Veeramadevi. Kannada Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene alleged that casting Sunny in the movie is an insult to the historical figure due to her past. They also warned of a Padmaavat like protest if she is not replaced. According to a report published in Hindustan Times, a couple of youth also slit their hands with blades for the protest to show the seriousness.

The group’s youth wing president R Harish said it was not right to have Sunny Leone play a historical character, who had supported the cause of Hindus.

Leone is popular as a porn star and such a person should not play a historical character, who is not only an icon of Kannada but also someone who built many temples.

President of  Kannada Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene,  R Harish

Harish also said that casting Leone would hurt religious sentiments of people. The activists have also vowed that they will create issues in the show in Bengaluru on November 3.

We have bought at least 230 tickets for the performance, and we will disrupt it if she doesn’t stay away from the movie. We are not against anything else, we just want her to quit this movie. Else, we will also have to protest like people in Rajasthan did against the movie Padmaavat.

R Harish

Sunny Leone has faced similar sort of protest when KRV Yuva Sena protested against an event featuring Sunny Leone on New Year’s Eve. That programme was cancelled after the state government didn’t provide security. 

Our Take

We have already seen the ruckus created before the release of Padmaavat. (Read the full story here) Though the smoke cleared out when they saw the movie. The issue is quite different here. The protesters are against the casting itself. They should understand that past has passed. Now she is an actress and playing a role is her profession. Though it is quite debatable, but there might be a reason for choosing her. Maybe her resemblance or may be she is the only actress available for the role. There are innumerable actresses that have worked in C/D-grade movies and are now are into mainstream cinema. In either case, the protesters should be matured enough to understand the difference between reel and real life and start accepting her.

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