UPSC’S Service Allocation Scheme Under Centre’s Scrutiny

I’m the recent news coming from the arena of bureaucracy, the proposed changes in the UPSC’s (union public service commission) selection criterion of successful candidates of the civil service exam for various posts have been making a lot of rattles in the high steps of the ladder of Indian administration.

The centre has been considering a change in the way the allocation of servives to the successful candidates of the civil service exam (CSE) is done. It is to be noted that all the successful candidates go for their trainings after their selection. According to the current system, the successful candidates are allocated different services on the basis of their ranks in the civil service exam. But recently, according to an official communique, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has asked the concerned departments to see if the allocation of services can be done after the foundation training of the successful candidates.
The duration of the the foundation course during the training is 3 months. The different departments have been asked to see if these steps are feasible or not. What happens in the future related to this matter, will determine the future of the civil servants in India. No doubt such a step will have a big effect on not only the quality of the candidates, but the efficiency of the bureaucracy as well. However, this consideration of the central government has definitely created a huge debated regarding the future of civil services in India.

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