Climate Changes Leading To Rising In The Sea Level In Major Indian Cities: IPCC Reports

The United Nations during the ongoing Climate Action Summit has raised concerns about climate change where the water level is rising and becoming warmer, losing oxygen and becoming more acidic at an ever-faster pace. This has left major Indian cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Surat, and Mumbai severely threatened while parts of Northern India will be affected by the severe water crisis.

The UN also claims that global warming needs to be stopped at the earliest. They also say that if it continues then there will be three feet of sea rise by the end of the century. The repercussions of the rising water level are horrifying as the ocean will become weaker and will lead to lesser snow in the mountains and other environmental disasters.

There were in total 7000 research papers which refers to the rise in sea levels faster than previously due to ice melt. The sea level is expected to rise globally by around 30-60cm by the end of this century even if emissions of GHG are sharply reduced.

These changes will hurt 71 percent of the world covered by oceans of the 10 percent covered by snow. It will harm people, their property, animals, food, societies, infrastructure and the global economy. The ocean has been absorbing 90 percent of the heat from carbon pollution in the air, as well as much of the carbon dioxide itself.

“If we reduce emissions sharply, the consequences for people and their livelihoods will still be challenging, but potentially more manageable for those who are most vulnerable,: said Hoesung Lee, chair of IPCC, underlining the importance of building resilience as part of adaptation exercises.

Anjal Prakash, co-author IPCC report stated- “The mantra for a solution is to adapt and adopt, There are many ways in which it could be done through policy changes and planning and to create climate-resilient infrastructure.

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