‘Extinction Rebellion’ fight against the dangers of the environmental threats caused by the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the second biggest climate contributor with the industry producing surplus high-street clothing in a year. Climate change is a serious concern and we are at an inch distance in falling for our own destiny. The need generated by the raging mania of the fashion world is a bitter reality and cannot be ignored. Every year we are promised with a superior lifestyle with brands over floating around the busy fashion streets. Hundreds and thousands of people unknowingly invest in these hard-hitting fashion brands for a status they have been vowed to. The planets extinction is no far if our environment is always- on exposed to change.

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Many environmentalists and protestors have been fighting for a safer and better world. One of them isExtinction Rebellionwhich is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse. There project ‘XR’ is a deeply felt need for community and solidarity. They stated- “ We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” The rebellion is an international call for working together in protecting environmental threats. It is a non-violent civil disobedience movement.

Image source: The Independent

The team took over London’s Oxford Circus on 12th April. it is the epicenter of the fast- fashion shopping “experience”. The theme “Fashion: Circus of Excess” addresses issues on un-sustainability in fashion and how its practices impact other species. Karuna Parikh a writer from India posted a feed on Instagram saying- “ I think a lot about fashion and its role in the planet’s ecological breakdown but recently I saw @ExtinctionRebellion calling on people to boycott the buying of fashion/ clothes for an entire year.”

Chennai, one of the biggest metropolitan city in India is facing dearth for water. The next could be you! Surprisingly, it is a disgraceful revelation to know that most of the resources are being spent on an industry which comes with the nought return. Writer Parikh goes on to display the record of abundant resources that are being used by the fast- fashion industry with- the textile industry mill using 1.6 million litres of water a day! One pair of jeans takes 7-10 litres of water to make.

We as consumers are constantly falling under the trap of consuming things in bulk due to the temporary gratification that a brand promises. The Earth is getting drastically polluted due to the dumping of the synthetic fabrics in land-fills. A pair of clothing we wear is a threat to many others living on this planet including us. We must adapt and adopt Sustainable fashion brands for a pollution free world.

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