The Religion Of Internet and Diwali

Burning crackers is not about religion. It is chemistry that affects biodiversity. I know Hindi enough and am Hindu enough to understand the qualities of Lord Ram’s ‘Jita krodho’ (who has mastered his anger). He has the strength (veeryava:n) to speak and follow the right path (dharmajana) of truth (Satyava:Kya) 

We, as human, need to look out for each other and protect our biodiversity. 
Let us understand the true meaning of Diwali and learn from the qualities of Ram.

In the digital age of the internet revolution, it is so easy for anyone to voice their opinions and judgements. I think being spontaneous and quick is the very nature of digital media. However, it also has a sub-attribute of the internet user’s intolerant behavior. Meaning, you see a post, you react immediately. That’s how it is. You do not cross check, validate, or even see the credibility of the sources. It doesn’t stop there. In the digital age, a piece of information (so-called news) without any credibility travels like a wildfire.

We have all heard the saying, company matters. 
Let’s understand how the internet company of scrolling feeds all day and night has made us intolerant, spontaneous, and learners with a knowledge of unknown or no credibility. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand its effects on us. We react first and think later when we get into beef (arguments) with the audience (other internet users).

This Diwali, while brands push their advertisements for their Diwali celebrations, I think the brands are only capturing the act of celebrating Diwali and not the idea behind celebrating Diwali. Because the act sells, the idea doesn’t. 
For example, come together to celebrate Diwali like this or that. But why? Why do you celebrate Diwali? 
The idea of celebrating Diwali has evolved with time. The point I am trying to make here is that if we really want to celebrate Diwali, let’s understand it from the roots and try to adapt to the qualities of Lord Ram in the true sense, making ourselves more accessible and approachable for others. 
You can have your own idea of celebrating Diwali, but let me have mine too. And this is what I think. Live and let live with peace and harmony. Let’s light the Divya and hope it brightens up our minds and lives.

Enjoy and be safe.

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