This Birthday, Wish something for Earth as well

The temperature is increasing, glaciers are melting, sea-level rising, and the earth is crying. The green land is turning into grey with concrete, blue sky is becoming black with smoke. The worst part is, we know everything and doesn’t want to act. Here is the birthday wish of Divya Singh Raghuvanshi. She wants everyone to stand for our mother earth and start contributing.

She is not alone in this campaign. Lil Dicky, with the help of many celebrities, asked people to act and come together in order to save the planet.

Raftaar joined the Climate Change wagon a long time ago. In 2014, he released a video titled ‘Mother Nature – Global Warming’, elevating the issue of climate change.

Let your selfless wish for Mother Earth be heard by the multitude. I request our sincere readers to come together for this great and global cause.


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