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Indian festivals: merriment for us, mayhem for animals

It doesn’t matter how much we worship cows and peepal tree. We are the killers. Though some are murderers and some are guilty of accidents. But, we are the killers.

Murder or Suicide?

India celebrated makar Sankranti, Pongal, khichdi, etc. on 14th & 15th January. ‘Our’ Sun will now change its direction and will move towards North. We flew kites to celebrate this auspicious event. Myriad of kites created colorful vistas on ‘our’ sky. How blissful we become while celebrating ‘our’ festivals! So blissful, so ignorant that we forget to include animals in ‘our’ eco-system. We are known for our zealous celebrations. So zealous that we forget. We forget that animals are also included in our eco-system.

Do We Practice What We are Preached?

Courtesy: The Speaking Tree

We do read about environment and animals in our schools. But, we implement those teachings. We all know that kite strings’ cut through birds. Dogs run helter-skelter to avoid the deafening noise of crackers. Millions of fish die due to ‘ganpati-‘ and ‘durga-‘ ‘visarjan’. Animal sacrifice leads to plague. Holi colors causes skin and eye infection in pets. Don’t forget our beloved loud speaker which sometimes, become fatal for recently hatched chicks.

The Curious Case of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Image source: Maverick times

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is a premier engineering institute of India. It is recognized worldwide for creating fabulous engineers. The institute recently built a new library building which will become of of the largest library in the world. The cleaning staff found a big bee-hive, fostering thousands of bees. They took down by setting it ablaze, thus killing those innocent bees. It is worth mentioning that they have an Environment Science Engineering department in the college. Still they didn’t consult them and killed them all.

See this:


We all are intelligent and educated enough to weigh the contribution of animals in our eco-system. We also know that how these activities harm the innocents. The only problem is that we don’t realize. We don’t realize the plight, the agony, the anguish of those creatures which can’t even complain. Universe might stop expanding but our greed and selfishness won’t ever.

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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