Beat the heat with Homemade Buttermilk

By: Suchita Tripathi

Main Ingredient:

  1. Cold water(2 glass)
  2. Plain curd(1bowl )
  3. Mint(2 leafs)
  4. Green chilli
  5. Black salt(2pinch)
  6. Plain salt(as per tast)
  7. Rosted cumin(1spoon)

Process to make Butter Milk:

Firstly take small mixer jar put roasted cumin in jar and grind roughly then add green chill and washed mint leafs and again roughly grind then take aside now take big mixer jar put in to plain yogurt and grind for a second then add water and add roughly grind mint, green, cumin and salt as per taste and grind for on mint. After finishing this process your buttermilk is ready for serve to your love one.

Benefits of buttermilk (chaas)

1.A great tool against dehydration.
2.Gives you calcium sans the fat.
3.B complex and other vitamins.
4.Reduces blood pressure.
5.Brings about a drop in cholesterol.

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