Dear Imran Khan Let’s Start Dialogue With The Release Of Commander Jadhav!

Newly-elect Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is breaking traditional hate doctrine & posing generously to resolve all key issues between India and Pakistan including the core ‘Kashmir issue’.

The way he defended Congress Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu after his swearing-in ceremony where Sidhu hugged Pakistan army chief Qamar Ahmed Bajwa clearly showed his commitment towards his friends.

Imran Khan after the swearing-in ceremony shifted in 3 bedroom apartment and rejected the lavish living meant for Prime Minister of Pakistan, The move made it crystal clear that he is the man of his words as he promised the same during his maiden speech which he gave after the historic win at the General Elections.

Unlike his predecessors, he is quite hopeful to resolve issues for the making of Naya Pakistan (Naya Pakistan is the slogan Imran used during elections). Hardliners in both India and Pakistan are not showing faith over Imran, Indian hardliners are saying the same old suitable phrase ”Imran is the puppet of the Pakistani army”.

Unlike the hate mongers, I have an optimistic view, I am Hopeful that Imran can change the scenario between India and Pakistan.

In July 2018, Pakistan High Commission Informed India that around 471 Indian Prisoners are alive in different jails of Pakistan.
This list of Prisoners includes the name of former Indian Navy Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav. India is fighting the Kulbhushan Jadhav case in International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Court will start hearing this case again in February 2019.

Earlier in July, the court instructed both sides to submit final written submissions till 17th of July.
Five days prior to Final Submissions India argued in ICJ that Pakistan must ensure that commander Jadhav will not be executed before court’s verdict.

Pakistan argued that their army arrested commander Jadhav from Baluchistan in 2016 when he unlawfully entered in Pakistani soil for spying. India denied Pakistani charges in ICJ and Appointed one of its finest lawyers Harish Salve to back Jadhav at the ICJ.

In April 2017 Pakistani court pronounced a death sentence for Kulbhushan Jadhav for raising war against the nation. As per figures available to me, Pakistan reportedly has 13 so-called Indian spies in their jails while India has around 30. Few Pakistani Prisoners are in jail for more than 12 years.

I hope, Imran can break the ice by releasing commander Jadhav. In return, India must release long-term Pakistani prisoners to show solidarity and peace.

If the Imran regime brings this unprecedented change. This can be a major breakthrough and could also help Pakistan to revamp its image in the World Politics

In the Year 1992 Captain Imran brought the Cricket world cup for Pakistan and in 2018 he won hearts of Pakistani population in elections; now its time to win the blessings and goodwill from the Indian side.

(Author is the Executive Editor of News World India & the views presented in the article are of Author himself)

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