Prime Minister :Diwali With The Army.

By: Nupur Sharma

Image source: India Today

Wish you a happy and safe Diwali” said PM Narendra Modi to Indian Musketeers:

Not every one knows how it feels like not being home for festivals this might sound you a topic of no interest but actually it’s not like that’ I’ll Just make it clear in the next line.

Why is it then we rush to our home to right after the vacation from college, Office holidays and leaves because it is important for us to be with our family on such occasions. Yet, there are people who miss it each time every time. Who are they? THE SAVIOURS- army men of India. For us, Diwali means meeting all the relatives, bursting crackers with family and friends, eating and enjoying with them and then the never-ending conversations. But it is not  the case of our soldiers, whether it be a festival of anything while they are serving the nation that becomes their first priority in the list.

Understand the sentiments and sacrifices of military people, Honourable P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi celebrated this Diwali with these musketeers like every year this has been continued every since P.M. modi is holding the office period i’m sure this is not a political move because it has happened in a routine. It encourages the soldiers makes them feel proud. Just like any other Diwali guests, Modi went Gurez Valley(near the line of control) on Thursday morning with boxes full of sweets, hands full of wishes and hugs full of warmth. Mr. Modi also thanked them for facing few of the dangerous gunfights, as the place is near to Pakistan.

Mr.Modi realised and conveyed to others too that these saviours are the reason, people of India are able to celebrate each and every festival. He also mentioned that this year he wanted to celebrate Diwali with his Family and now he’s exactly where he was ought to be. He consider the army men equivalent to his family and told that this meeting and celebration gave him different kind of positive energy.

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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