Stop cyber-bullying, stop trolling

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Bullying has a new name – Trolling. The bullying which we remember during school days have now changed its form and has become an epidemic. Trolling, body-shaming, slut-shaming, rape-threats, murder-threats, etc. are different acts of cyber-bullying. A well-written article by Archita Rai, a just graduated Mass Communication student from Mumbai, presents her views on trolling and bullying. 

We are a generation of low patience and high internet speed. Our attention span has decreased over the period of time.
We go through so much of web content everyday texts, graphics, videos, Gif’s,
news, fake news and hatred.
So many mixed emotions that we are forced to feel what majority is going through. Our desires are based on what’s new. We invest our time in hunting quotes and movies to express ourselves instead of putting some efforts in expressing it in person.
We laugh on someone’s poor pronunciation and their grammar becomes a joke for us. Aren’t we supposed to sympathize with them?
Don’t we make mistakes too?
We do.
We are afraid of making mistakes in front of someone.
Which makes our learning process slow.
We tend to hide our flaws.
Remember that fat kid in school?
No? Maybe because you were that fat kid.
He was bullied and now he seeks revenge whenever he makes fun of someone whose doesn’t drink or attend concerts.
My friend is so pretty yet she needs to edit all her pictures before showing it to anyone. I am not saying I don’t,but we all do it because we are told to do so.
I am not against being funny but selling a comb to a bald person isn’t funny to me.
Yet a bald person selling comb is funny.
Recently, Anushka Sharma was getting trolled. Yes that expression was funny but aren’t we the clad that says ‘we need more of natural actors’.
Reminds me of that video which went viral of a 13yr old kid named Kamlesh.
No one noticed that he is an Indian and is a drug addict.
Radhika Apte’s roles are questioned.
Why is she only doing series and movies on Netflix?
Maybe because every other artist is busy thinking about box office collection.
We all agree that she is a brilliant actor and yet is paid less which again isn’t a concern. Not putting sexism in this but shouldn’t we try to make ourselves and others aware about the issues that are eating us.

What do you think?

Written by Sugat Srivastava

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