The Artistic Star Cast of ‘Gangs Of Indian Politics’

By: Gaurav Nandan Tripathi

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When we think of movies which have changed the face of Indian cinema, the name which firstly crosses my mind is obviously ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. Wasseypur has changed the perception of Indian cinema in the world. Even big guns in Hollywood like Nolan and Scorcese have acknowledged the immense cinematic genius which has gone into the making of this movie. But, I am not going to talk about its technicalities because firstly, I am not a film critic, secondly, I don’t aspire to be one, and thirdly I am obviously not KRK. But man, don’t we love this movie? Right from its epic weirdly intriguing characters or stomach-churning dialogues, and to the fast pace this movie of five hours nineteen minutes, we love every aspect from it. Speaking for myself, I never wanted the movie to end. But, if I look closely into the Indian politics, I can see various characters of Wasseypur in their real flesh forms. From J.P Singh to Perpendicular, we have them all. So, let us have a look at them!


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‘Beta, tumse na ho payega!’ is the line which comes to my mind when I think about J.P’s character. Son of a major political figure, he is worthless as a leader. Our own angry young (47 year old!) man, Rahul Gandhi aka Raga, comes to my mind when I think of J.P’s equal in Indian politics today. Rahul Gandhi never seems comfortable with his job, and his detours from politics aka holidays are sometimes very long enough to not miss his substantial presence (really?) in media. But, when it comes to being a PM, Raga, ‘ beta, tumse na ho payega’!


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Power, family, position, Netaji are synonymous in U.P with Mulayam Singh Yadav, sometimes even gundaraj. He has known to give full reign to his supporters, and his supporters are generally the big muscle mans in U.P. The same applies to Ramadhir as well. Paisa, power, position, gundaraj all are omnipresent in the rule of Ramadhir as well. And moreover, both have a son who doesn’t listen to them ( this has no relations with Akhilesh Yadav).


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With my hands joined and fingers crossed I am waiting for the day when Sonia Gandhi will say to Rahul Gandhi ‘ tera khoon kab khaulega re Rahulwa? Kab lega tu 2014 ka badla re?’ and Rahul Gandhi will reiterate Faizal ‘shaant budhiya shaant; center ka, state ka, municipality ka, sabka badla lega tera Rahul’. I know it is not going to happen, but dreaming is human occupation isn’t it? Apart from being wounded in the past( both have lost their husbands, Sonia has even lost power), both these women are pretty strong-willed and made of the strong mantle for sure.


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Strong willed, self-made, resilient, fierce when needed, ruthless with opponents, supreme self-confidence, all these characteristics of Sardar are present in our very own magnificently popular Prime Minister. Also, both work on the principle of ‘ teri keh ke lunga’ ( I do not to state killing of congress as a party). Moreover, both know how to take their revenge (2002, anyone?).


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Akhilesh Yadav shocked everyone when he defied his father Mulayam Yadav and crowned himself as the National head of the Samajwaadi party. He knows when to act for himself, and for his gain. So does Definite in the movie. He always powered thirsty, and in pursuit of that, he even killed Faizal, his main benefactor. I mean Akhilesh doesn’t have that desi sexy swagger of Definite, but the aspirations of both these characters bring them together on a platform.




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I have just recovered from the fits of laughter after imagining the chief minister of Delhi with a
blade in his mouth. Perpendicular for me is the most intriguingly funny and dramatic character of
Gangs of Wasseypur. So is Kejriwal in Indian politics. His tweets and his refrain of ‘ ye sab
modiji ne kiya hai’ have turned out be the mass accumulators of laugh reacts on social media.
Not to forget, his tweets on movies. Moreover, both of them have many fowl words to say. (ask
Yogendra Yadav for Kejriwal, and see the bike stunt scene for perpendicular)


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No nonsense, goal oriented, masterminds, are the terms we use when we describe Amit Shah today. The man behind the success of BJP, the man who fulfilled the revenge of Modi, is, of course, Amit Shah. And when we look in the case of Wasseypur, it is our own Faizal Khan who has these qualities. No one in Indian political scenario today has the attributes of Faizal as better as Amit Shah. Moreover, both these gentlemen don’t seek permission first(of course, it has no relation to bringing MLA’S of other parties into BJP, and turning of election results under Amit Shah.)



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The man along with Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who is behind the advent of BJP in Indian political scenario is Lal Krishna Advani. Nasir was the support system of Sardar in his rise in Wasseypur. Both of them have seen it all in their lives. Advani has seen BJP rise from bottom to top, so has Nasir has seen the rise of Sardar’s family. In fact, apart from Mohsina, he is the lone survivor at the end.

Note: All these comparisons are not in the literal sense and are not done to mock or demean someone. It is the personal view of the writer, and he does not wish to do so in any circumstance. The article should be taken in a recreational sense, not a serious one.

The author is a cinephile, great fan of Anurag Kashyap.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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