The Man With The Wolf Mother

By: Kartik Sagar Samdhiya 
Once given an interview of foreign website he said, ” The last memories of my childhood are with the wolves. I accepted wolves cubs as my brother and my mother wolf fed me, raised me as cub of her. I slept with bats, snakes and deer. They taught me survival and thanks to my childhood friend who helped me in learning about foods and fruits of forest, which berries and mushrooms were safe to eat.”
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Known as wolf boy, He was 19 when he was discovered by the civil guard who resued him from his natural home. He said cold winter life of human affected him. But he enjoys the memories of jungle life, running around barefoot half naked with the wolves.
Rodríguez is documented cases in the world. He is one of few human who have been rescued from animal. He was born in Anora, in Cordoba province in 1946. His mother died when he was three year old. After that his father left him with another, where he was beaten, abused this period of his life. They took him to the mountains to replace an old goatherd who cared for 300 animals.
Where he learned the use of fire and how to make utensils, but the goatherd died suddenly or disappeared, leaving Rodríguez completely alone around 1954, when he was just seven years old. When authorities found Rodríguez, he had swapped words for grunts. But he could still cry. “Animals also cry,” he says.
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Now, His experience has been the subject of various anthropological studies. He insists “Life is so hard in modern world. I think they laugh at me because I do not know about politics and soccer”. His doctor told him that “Everyone knows less than you”

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