The Use Of Chinese Products In India

By: Anagha Telang

picture by Maverick works

The festival of diwali is already knocking the door and the market is all set with beautiful decorative
items to make the festival even more beautiful. Diwali in the present times seems to me as a Chinese festival because the market is dominated with Chinese products.
China and India, the two superpowers of Asia and the fastest growing countries of the world. China is considered as a developed nation, while India is still struggling with the tagline of developing nation.Within 68 years china reached such heights and India has played pivotal role in this. Shocking, but actually very true. China is one such country that hardly imports anything but exports almost everything around the globe. China produces each and everything on its land from a pin to a truck and a thread to a pipe.

China produces supreme quality of goods for its own use whereas there exported goods are of
poor quality. China considers India as its biggest dumping ground, and that is true.
When we purchase a Chinese product we always see its low price but we don’t realise that our country’s economy suffers. The more our country will import our volume of trade will turn negative and this results in high prices. The cheap imports in every sector- toys, decorative items, electronics, crackers, etc. has reached to a level that we are more ‘Made In China’ buyers than made in India products in our own country.

These products rarely have safety standards and quality control, come without any standard packing or required information on manufacturing, no warranty or guarantee.
Chinese crackers cause more pollution as compared to Indian crackers. Another major problem is the type of financial frauds being done. How much import duties are not given and the amount of money is being made through illegal trading, does anyone ever talk about it?

This reminds me of a popular and an old saying, “HINDI-CHINI, BHAI-BHAI” don’t know about china but we Indians have taken this very seriously. Diwali is our but diyas and lights are Chinese. Holi is our but colors and balloons are Chinese. Ganpati is our but idols are Chinese. If we don’t take this matter seriously then we are the one who are going to suffer.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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