Virtual Popularity vs Real Life (Social Media)

By: Avina Saxena

The world is occupied by people who are rigorously obsessed with the digital world of Social Media. But the question is, whether it is in the best of their benefits or its just a signal for the future harms? Believe it or not, publicising about your self on the Social Media platforms is bit of a show off. We want people to know what’s going on in our daily lives. Communication is the main motive behind the introduction of Social Media platforms. But can we judge how communicative a person is in real life through the social media platforms? People might not want to stick to their reality because they have standards to maintain between their friends on Facebook.

People want to get famous among their friends on social media. It is a good thing to be popular, to get noticed and to be appreciated. However, posting inappropriate pictures, revealing too much of information, updating every single activity on Social Media is leading to many crimes lately.

Social Media is an amazing technology to connect with their friends, communicate with them, make new friends. But do you think having a thousand friends on Facebook is appropriate when in reality you would not care to meet even half of them? It is said that excess of anything is wrong, but the social media platforms keep on updating every single day and bring us something new to craze about. How is one not supposed to get obsessed with it then?

Facebook posts of people are 50% manipulated with their real life character according to a recent study. Just like the celebrities, many people have multiple identities. One to maintain on social media, another to maintain with their friends and family whom they meet daily. Its funny how people who quote love for their friends & family on Social Media Platforms hardly show that to each other in reality. Or rather its sad, that people sitting in a room communicate love online but not offline. Obsessing about selfies, emoticons, shopping, check ins, friend lists, likes or comments has perhaps become more important than the reality of their relations. Everybody wants to look or seem good to others no matter if they are no theirselves.

But isn’t Social Media also giving us a chance to communicate & stay connected with the family members and friends who live across the seas? To stay updated with the current happenings around the world? To raise a voice against the wrong publicly without any fear?

We can not disagree that life with the Social Media Platforms is relatively more complicated and all gossipy than it looks, but it has got its own perks of entertainment which is quite obsessive for people. Play safe and enjoys its utilities because every technology brings a lot of advancements which can prove to be harmful, if used wrongly.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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