Everyday Doctor’s Day!

By Khushi Mehra

Ever since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for doctors has increased but has the respect too? As the months are going by and cases are piling up, doctors are working round the clock, so that the patients recieve the best care. Our doctors are putting their own lives at risk and sacrificing family time to ensure the safety for all.

They have been through many mental and physical pressure and harassment. There were reports that some doctors are not getting their salaries and others faced salary cuts, which led to the threat of resigning. It is unnerving, to say that, they have to risk their lives and also worry about their livelihoods.

This pandemic, is making us realize the importance of the noble profession. It is not just about those working on the front line, but also the doctors, community health workers and officials who are involved in contact tracing and screening suspected patients by going door-to-door in virus hotspots. Due to the shortage of medical workers, they have to often work for 24 hours or more in a go, wearing the protective gear the whole time.

Today we celebrate National Doctors day in India to mark the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, better known as B.C. Roy. He was a physician, freedom fighter, philanthropist and the former Chief Minister of Bengal. Besides this, he also founded the Indian Medical Association, Medical Council of India and the Indian Institute of Mental Health.

Let’s take an oath to support and trust our caretakers. Our police officers, our doctors, our army, our government.

Image Credits: Business Insider

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