Few easy-breezy exercises women can do at home, Know how

Living in a fast moving globalized world isn’t swift. Most of the time we tend to miss out or ignore our work-outs. Reasons could be many- busy schedule, children and many more. One doesn’t have time to tick on the gym. But in order to make a balance and sound mind with a perfect curve to flaunt, work-out is a must.

Few work-outs which you can master at home and without a trainer beside you


Side Plank

Image source: Headstands and Heels

If you want to tone down your inner muscles then here it is- Side Plank. It benefits in stabilizing your spinal chord and will help in keeping your abs in shape.



Image source: Tony Gentilcore

Push-Up makes the area around the chest work while burning a few calories around that area. This exercise is one of the preferred one due to it performance by training your body in a  functional movement pattern.


Second Position Plies

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This exercise is specially for women since it helps in working out the muscles around the lower body. All the larger muscles are in place and gets tough labor which is effective building muscles as well as burning calories.


Triceps Extension

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A stellar exercise in zoning in on triceps while keeping your arms strong. This exercise will guarantee you with an amazing looking arm. It is preferable to try them with light weights and high reps.


Step- Up

Image source : PopSugar

If you want to tone down the muscles around the glutes and hamstrings to create stronger legs and a tighter booty then this is it. It also targets your quadriceps since they require you to satrighten your knee against resistance.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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