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100 million Subscribers versus PewDiePie

After a war of recognition between India’s T-series and Swedish PewDiePie, T-series becomes the first Indian YouTube channel to change the flow of the watercourse by achieving 100 million subscribers across the globe with PewDiePie lacking behind with 96,182,951 subscribers.

The achievement made by T-series has been predicted by social media analytics page, Social Blade. The analytics of PewDiePie says that the channel was supposed to reach 100 crores by June 2 reports Hindustan Times.

The contest between both these two channels kickstarted in Oct 2018 and since then there was an uninterrupted dialogue amongst the consumers with regard to who is the best. Owner and founder of T-series took to Twitter thanking the subscribers. “Salute to India’s power! It is the power of Indian content, consumers and our digital strength that has lead us to a milestone of 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Thank you” tweets, Gulshan Kumar.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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