1700 species of birds and animals can become extinct in the next 50 years

Human encroachment has already caused an irreparable harm to the nature. Many species in the past has become extinct due to poaching, encroachment, loss of habitat, hunting for body parts, etc. Nearly 1,700 species of amphibians, birds and mammals are likely to lose their natural habitats and face greater extinction risk by 2070 due to increased human land use.

A new study has revealed that in nearly 5 decades since 1970, 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptile species were wiped out from the face of out planet, due to human activity. A study by Ecologists at Yale University has warned that in the next 50 years 886 species of amphibians, 436 birds and 376 mammals could go extinct due to habitat loss.

The saddest part is that humans are well aware of this approaching danger. Still, they are taking actions. In fact, recently China reversed 25-year ban on Rhino and Tiger Parts. Just see yourself what we should do and what we are doing. Save environment before it becomes late.

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