A Japanese Company that pays its employee for a Full Night Sleep

Japan has always been in the eyes of the researchers when it comes to increasing suicide rates and depression and the reasons – work pressure being dominant.

In an uninterrupted toxic environment with social media at its peak with the heavy rise in competition at workplaces, employees sleep cycle is getting interrupted. The National Sleep Foundation after two years of continuous research came out with their recommended guideline on sleep patterns for different age groups. Among which they have stated that an adult/ Older adult sleep pattern should range from 7 – 8 hours a day and for the younger adults it is 7 – 9 hours.

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An appreciable initiative has been taken by Kazuhiko Moriyama, CEO of the Japanese company Crazy Inc. a wedding organizing firm, where he will be paying the employee for sleeping. He also goes on by pointing the flaw in the system and the pattern of work. The productivity gets hampered due to the inaction of the employee due to fatigue or lack of sleep. “ You have to protect workers’ rights, otherwise the country itself will weaken,” Says Moriyama to Business Today. He also adds – he wants to reach a million employees and do something that other people will think is crazy.

In this fast brittle world of a company lifestyle, one tends to ignore the core generating productivity.  An app made by Airweave Inc. needs to be installed in order to track the sleep cycle of the employees. “Employees with happier lives will lead to better performance,” he adds. Employees who sleep at least six hours a night for at least five days a week are awarded points. The points awarded to them could be used for food in the company cafeteria worth as much as 64,000 yen per night.it

It is therefore important for companies to understand that productivity comes from treating employees right. Every company should take this not ‘with a pinch of salt’ but with a serious concern.

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