An Indian- American foster father sentenced to life after killing three- years- old daughter

After the tragic death of a three-year-old toddler Sherin Mathew in 2017, all the evidence and suspects go to her Indian- American foster father Weasley Mathew. This incident reminds us all about the Aarushi Talwar case where justice remained blurred. The Dallas judge on Wednesday has given life sentences to him on the murder of his daughter.

Mathew, 39 hailing from Kerala claimed she accidentally choked to death on milk . Sherin was an adopted child of both Mathew and his wife Sini Mathews from an orphanage in Bihar in 2016. There was an uproar of guilt from the sides of the suspect for a lesser charge of injury to a child’s death.

The US state authorities of Texas originally charged him for capital murder. The US media reports stating that Mathews stared ahead and did not look at jurors as the judge sentenced him to life in prison. “It means he’s still a liar. It means he killed that little girl. And when he killed her, he panicked,” Thomas argued, WFAA TV reported.

The child’s mother was charged under child abandonment in November 2017 but her case was dismissed on March after the prosecutors couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

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