China backs up Pakistan’s request for a meeting of the UNSC

By: Talat Mohsin

India has learnt today that after being requested by China, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has agreed to hold a closed door meeting to discuss the Kashmir issue.

Earlier, Pakistan had requested the world body on three different occasions to discuss the changed dynamics in Kashmir, but it’s requests were denied. But after China backed it up, the UNSC has agreed to accept the prolonging request. The closed door meeting is most likely to be held on August 16, but without Pakistan in the room.

The meeting is being held to discuss the abrogation of the article 370 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which gave special rights to the state. The former state has now been turned into a union territory.
According to sources, earlier Pakistan was seeking for an open door meeting with having the right to speak. But when it’s plea was denied, China stepped up to support Pakistan’s cause.

India had earlier told the international community that revoking the article was an internal matter and had also advised Pakistan to accept it.

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