Dubai Installs Surveillance Camera In Taxis

Often time, we hear reports of customers complaining about cab drivers’ misconduct towards them and very few times measures are taken-up in order to monitor the situation.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently installed surveillance cameras in their Taxis running in the city, to monitor any kind of misconduct of their drivers.

The feed taken out from the camera will be closely monitored and will be examined if any manner of violations is detected or reported during taxi rides.

The system works with sensors that automatically activate the camera once the customer steps into the vehicle.

Security cameras have been installed in 10,684 taxis comprising the entire taxi fleet in Dubai. The move aims to ensure the compliance of taxi drivers with the ethical and professional principles of their business. It also prompts them to stick to exemplary attitudes when dealing with taxi riders,” said Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Transportation Systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

The installation of the system started in August 2017 and continued over phases until the entire fleet of Dubai Taxi had been covered. RTA is keen on introducing state-of-the-art facilities for the comfort, security, and satisfaction of clients, which ranks high on RTA’s priorities,” he added.

Dubai moves forward in creating a smart city in the transportation sector through this new initiative.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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