Stephen Hawking, Born on the date of Galileo’s death, 8th January. Died On Albert Einstein’s Birthday, 14th March.

“Without imperfection, you or I would not exist, these words are said by the man, who, with one of the rarest diseases in the world, lived for a happy and motivated 54 years plus normal 22 years of his life, met today his kingdom come

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By: Vaibhav Singh

The surprising facts about Stephen Hawking: “Stephen Hawking was born on the date of Galileo’s death, the 8th of January. He died this morning on the date of Albert Einstein’s birth, the 14th of March. The great physicist StephenHawking was expected to live not more than 2 years after he was caught up by the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neurone disease, he completed his Ph.D, married two women and had three children, such confident gentleman.

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Stephen Hawking wasn’t only a man of wisdom, but also a man of art, and the best art the displayed to everyone was the art of living and Cosmology was only a subject, which he was studying. He unboxed the abyss of the universe and it’s origin. His contributions to the world and science are unprecedented, which he discovered just by sitting on a chair. Hawking was the idol of
millions and trillions of people in the world. He was known to be one of the best brains in physics after Sir Albert Einstein.Hawking mastered in the theory of relativity and black hole, and loved the theoritical science more than observation science. What he describes as his proudest achievement is the discovery of Hawking radiation. This theory explains that nothing escapes the black hole, not
even light, except the radiation, which was later named as Hawking radiation.

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In his initial days, Hawking continued at Cambridge after his graduation, serving as a research
fellow and later as a professional fellow. In 1974, he was inducted into the Royal Society, a
worldwide fellowship of scientists. In 1979, he was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, the most famous academic chair in the world (the second holder was Sir Isaac Newton), also a member of the Royal Society


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Along with his scientific studies, Hawking wrote a handful of books using complex text and speech machinery installed in his chair. Many people around the world heard his plight and finally Walt Woltosz from California sent him a computer programme called equaliser, which allowed him to form a sentence by choosing a word from the given series and after completing the sentence, he can speak out the sentence through a speech synthesiser. After that the machine was advanced by a Cambridge student of Adapted Communication named David Mason, through which the text can be printed out.Thus way he completed his books, which includes” A briefer history of time, The Universe in a nutshell, The Grand Design and On The shoulder of Giants.

 He and his daughter, Lucy Hawking, also created a fictional series of books for middle school children on the creation of the universe, including ‘George and the Big Bang’ in 2012.

Image source: googleHawking made several television appearances, including a playing hologram of himself on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation and a cameo on the television show ‘Big Bang Theory’. PBS presented an educational miniseries titled Stephen Hawking’s Universe,’ which probes the theories of the cosmologist. In 2014, a movie was also made on Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, Hawking praised the movie very much and said that the movie relates very much to him.

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Stephen William Hawking was the man who took the Universe most seriously and tried to dig
down this bottomless pit. Above cosmology and science, Hawking had a great belief in God
and he believed that if every secret of the Universe is understood, then we can understand the
existence of God. The best can be said on this disheartening day is that he was a hand-picked jewel by God. God picked the man, who drew the spark of instigation in the world and he gave us an insight into the unknown.

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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