Gun firing leads to 11 deaths at a Bar in Brazil

By: Sanghamitra Gogoi

Widespread terrorism spreading rampant isn’t a contemporary event and the world is facing the cons of it through countless lives going missing for a shrewd cause.
After New Zealand, it’s Belem a city in northern Brazil that faced serious loss when seven gunmen raged inside a bar and open fired a mob killing 11 people dead on the spot. It has also been found out through sources that there were seven gunmen that arrived at the shooting and open fired the mob brutally, one of them got injured and the other eloped. The owner of the bar was violently injured too.
The local police also state that the bar known as Wanda’s is a well- known drug dealing hangout. The public safety department of northern Para said that there is no immediate word on the motive of the shooting but it yet to be discovered soon.

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