Impetuous Kashmir move will have dire consequences: China

By: Talat Mohsin

In its editorial titled “India’s unilateral Kashmir move inside , dangerous”, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece The Global Times has criticised the Indian government on its Kashmir move.

The editorial termed the move as a “wrong decision” and explicitly warned that it would have serious implications on its image. “By revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s relative autonomy and by likewise revoking a decree which forbade non-Kashmiris from buying property in the disputed territory, India’s status in relation to Kashmir has been inexorably changed from that of a party to conflict to an instigation of an unnecessary and counterproductive provocation.”

It further added- “ When Indian minister of home affairs Amit Shah loudly claimed that India seeks to establish rule over Aksai Chin in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region it, displayed an attitude of hostility against China that is incompatible with a productive partnership based on realism and shared economic goals.”

It also accused the US and the West of “conniving with India” and has urged the international community to “de escalate tensions” and also to ensure that the rights of Kashmiris are not violated.

The Global Times is published by the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s paramount mouthpiece, the people’s daily and is infamous for its hawkish and insulting editorials. Therefore, it can be concluded that such an editorial was only published to chide India.

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