Imran Khan Blames Previous Government For Joining The US After 9/11

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday admitted the biggest blunder that his country fell into after the 9/11 US attack. He blames the previous government for taking up decisions that they knew they wouldn’t be able to fulfill.

Khan, in fact, is expecting the international forum to take up actions against article 370 which he has been speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank. He wants the international community to contribute the least they can do to lift curfew in Kashmir.

He said he had urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think about his action on article 370 and resume back the bilateral ties. He even went on to say that he would urge the UN to take actions against the abrogation and on the Kashmir issue.

India has been asking its counterpart to accept the decision for the sake of people’s good and welfare. They have asked Pakistan to accept the reality and stop its anti-India rhetoric.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis has clearly remarked Pakistan to be “the dangerous” among all countries he had dealt with.

Khan goes on goes on to state- “ I think the Pakistan government should not have pledged what they could not deliver.” This statement is a clear reference to the decisions that have been taken by the then military dictator General Pervez Musharraf to side with the US.

Imran Khan stated- “ so we created these military groups to fight the Soviets…Jihadis were heroes then. Come 1989, Soviet leave Afghanistan, the US packs up and leaves Afghanistan and we were left with these groups.”

He also goes on to mention the economic turmoil that his country is going through and thanks to China for helping them to lift themselves up from where they were.

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