Koalas struggle for government’s attention

Human greed has always taken the center seat when it comes to animal poaching for their goods. The world economy is booming at a rampant stage due to our everyday increase in demand for possessing authentic goods. The market is no more limited to their overlying societies but is available for all, in their diversified terms and conditions. Animals have always been the bullseyes for the traders who trade them for various purposes.

Koala, which is customarily known as the “Animal Ambassadors” of Australia was once upon a time popular amongst the aborigines. There stout frame, round eyes, fluffy ears with white hair, big black nose and body wrapped in thick grey fur are savoured by the tourist. They live in trees and prefer to stay solitary without causing any threat to the surrounding but themselves are more sensitives towards threats. They live for about 13- 18 years. It is a blow to see such a creature to be listed vulnerable, when once upon a time they were the celebrated species by the aborigines of Australia.

This is a time of High-street fashion and the world of fashion and glamour demands exotic material obtain from animal fur and their skin. The increase in the level of competition makes the manufacturers blinded which leaves them care less about their raw products for their clothing goods. A report published by the University of California says that Koalas are killed for the purpose of trade because of the growing Urbanisation. “I know the Australian public are concerned for the safety of Koalas and are tired of seeing dead Koalas on our roads,” says Australian Koala Foundation (AKA) chairman Deborah Tabart.

Koalas are becoming endangered in the continent and have been already listed as a vulnerable animal needed to be looked after. The extensive  fashion and clothing businesses are one reason  behind their vulnerability where the thick fur of the animal bring in a lot of capital. Also the government of Australia is slow in taking preventive steps to reserve the existing because the Fur used by poaching the animals bring in a lot of capital.

One of the report published by the Interdisciplinary Minor in Global Sustainability states that 1100 Koalas are estimated to be killed by cars. Not many attempts have been reported to conserve the species. AKF reported confirming that if initiatives for saving Koalas are not being implemented immediately then they will go into extinction.

It is time Koalas get the attention and the respect that they merit and an urgent need for political action.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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