Pfizer’s side effects include paralysis, Biden to get vaccinated while Brazilian president refuses

Apart from the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA has started with the administration of the covid vaccinations, Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine which is being provided on a priority basis to the health service workers and elder people. 

In the United Kingdom, a 91-year old woman, Margaret Keenan had received the first dose as her ‘early birthday present’. A few days later, an American nurse became the first person to receive the coronavirus vaccine in the United States.

The USA president Joe Biden had decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in public next week. Being 78 years he is in the high-risk group for the disease followed by Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Joe Biden is supposed to start his office from January 20 and is considering the fight against corona his top priority. 

The Food and Drug Administration earlier had approved the vaccine on emergency use against Covid-19 among people above 16 years of age. The FDA has issued the Emergency Use Authorisation after approving the effectivity and safety data of the vaccine. While the vaccine is administered on an emergency basis, some of the vaccines are being used in phase 3 of the clinical trials. 

These have been some prominent side effects of the Pfizer vaccine. Such as pain in the injection area. The Pfizer vaccine is supposed to be given in two doses in three weeks. Among the thousands of participants, a common side effect has turned out to be pain and swelling in the injection site. 84% People have complained of redness, firmness, tenderness and warmth in the administered area. 

Around 63% of the participants had been experiencing fatigue, while 55% have complained about muscle pain and 38% of headaches. In the majority of situations, the effects were mild and not serious. Some people informed about joint pain and fever after the administration of the vaccine. 

Dr Matthew Heinz in Arizona said that the effects after the second vaccination are more intense ad the immune system ‘has already been exposed. It gets hit with another dose and it has a sort of quicker and more robust response. That makes a lot of sense immunologically,” he added.

In rare cases, patients have reported adverse effects. 0.5% of the patients have reported bell’s palsy basically facial paralysis. In these four cases, although there were no indications that the reason for the paralysis is the vaccine. 

People have also faced allergies due to vaccination. The FDA has also advised people that they should consider taking vaccines only if they are not allergic to any of its components. 

Dr Heinz suggested people schedule their doses to efficiently manage the fatigue and other effects. In case of pain, it can be controlled using medication or under a doctor’s advisement. 

However, it is imperative to understand that these side effects are normal and can be resolved. The immunity towards Covid-19 becomes ineffective if a person leaves the second dose. 

Recently, Brazil’s president, Bolsonaro had been reportedly considering the coronavirus as the mere flu while for the world it is a pandemic. He has announced that the corona vaccines especially the Pfizer-BioNtech will ‘turn people into crocodiles and bearded ladies’. 

While launching a vaccination program in the country, he mentioned that he will not be the injection. He stated that the Pfizer has clearly mentioned that they would not be held responsible for any side effects or other repercussions of the vaccines, this pushed him to not get vaccinated. 

Although no one is said to be forced into getting vaccinated, it is also mandatory to an extent in order to wipe out the virus from the world. There will be side effects, according to the FDA, however, it is not serious and can be controlled.

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