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The rarest doomed. How much more humans will consume?

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By: Vaibhav Singh

It is truly said that mother nature claims back the most bewildered gifts, it once provided to the humanity.

The human race is said to be the smartest of all the species , but the exact fact is that we’ve outsmarted all the  other creatures and now we are all leading to a greedy way towards the nature. After excavating the history , we are now excavating the nature and the creatures.

Recently, the last male specie of the second largest mammal on land, named Sudan the northern white rhinoceros was euthanized at the age of 45.Sudan had been in poor health for days and was suffering from many age related issues as well as multiple infections.

Sudan lived in the Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya where he was under the protection of armed guards, away from the poachers. According to the reports, there are now only two of the species and both of them are female.

“He was a gentle giant, his personality was just amazing and given his size, a lot of people were afraid of him. But there was nothing mean about him,” said Elodie Sampere , a representative for Ol Pejeta.

Sudan and his two female companions at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya are among just five of the rare sub-species of the white rhinos left in the world and and the only ones that live in relative freedom since the other two are kept in zoos.

Experts say that the rhinos are poached for their horns which are popular in Asia for the belief that it cures various ailments. The horns are more valuable than the jewels and are sold upto $50,000 per kg. An average weighs 1-3 kg , heavy enough to convert a poacher into a millionaire , at least.

About seven years ago the western black rhino was declared extinct and the major reason was poaching. The remaining five species of rhino are now under threatened category and continuous efforts are being made to save the rhinos.

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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