The Philippines passes a law- students to plant 10 trees each

In the midst of pollution skyrocketing into the world, the Philippines passes a law which requires graduating high school and college students to plant 10 trees each before they graduate. The law has been passed by the House of the Representatives and has been taken as a major step towards pollution control and deforestation.

MADGALO representative Gay Alejano wrote on the Bill’s explanatory note stating, “ With over 12-million students graduating from elementary and nearly five million students graduating from high school and almost 500,000 graduating from college each year, this initiative, if properly implemented, will ensure that at least 175 million new trees would be planted each year”.

He also added stating that the trees will be planted in an existing forest, mangroves, some protected areas, military ranges, abandoned mining sites, and selected urban areas, according to CNN,s Philippines news service.

The law defines the locations strictly by ensuring that the trees be planted in areas preferring the climate and the topography.

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