Trump backs out on his offer of mediating between India and Pakistan, calls the Kashmir issue “bilateral”

By: Talat Mohsin

After repeatedly offering to help India and Pakistan find a common ground on the Kashmir issue, Trump has backed out on his offer, calling it a “bilateral issue”.

Trump had offered to mediate the issue on three different occasions in the past month. On all these occasions, the official US government office was in the favour of a bilateral settlement between the countries. Seems like the president and his office are on the same page again.

India has maintained its stance and has called the Kashmir issue as bilateral and scrapping of the article 370 an internal affair. Donald Trump had earlier claimed that India had asked for his help on the burning matter at hand. But the Indian government refuted the claim. Later the president’s office set the matter straight when it stated that the president had offered his help, India had not asked for it.

Prime minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to meet Trump in Biarritz, France on the side lines of the G7 summit. Even though India is not a part of the G7, the Indian premier was personally invited by the French President Emmanuel Macron to attend the summit.

After landing, Modi had his first bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Modi is also expected to take a walk and have conversation with the French President. Modi also addressed a session on biodiversity on the side lines of the prestigious summit. He highlighted India’s efforts towards reducing plastic, conserving water , harnessing solar energy and protecting flora and fauna for sustainable future.

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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