Xiaomi in a techno-war with OPPO

Soon after OPPO’s announcement on its new technology- under Display camera followed by Vice- President Brian Shen sharing a video featuring the technology, Xiaomi hits back with the same. Now, we know ‘The future is here’.

In the last few years, OPPO has developed few exciting features including fast charging VOOC  technology as well as the periscope camera system that can be significantly improved zoom experiences. Both these technologies were unveiled with the help of concept devices, well before they were ready for commercial use.  OPPO releases a short glimpse of their under display camera by tweeting, “For those seeking the perfect, notchless smartphone screen experiences- prepare to be amazed. Soon after OPPO posted a video of its hide and seek under-Display camera, its competitor Xiaomi tweeted the same, “ Do you want a sneak peek at the future? Here you go…introducing you to Under Display Camera technology!

The under-Display camera allows you to rejoice the pleasure of a full display screen which is devoid of any barrier. “The ultimate solution for a Full-Screen Display coexisting with a front camera”, says Xiaomi SVP Wang Xiang. When your selfie camera is activated, the display area of the camera lens becomes transparent in an instant, allowing light to enter and its spell working. Xiaomi proves their uniqueness from their rival OPPO by stating that their display technology is their “independent intellectual property,” which is a direct indication in order to prove that their display is different from the one exhibited by OPPO.

Xiaomi’s in-house development of the camera display features like transparent display, which is made using a special low-reflective glass with high transmittance. When not in camera mode, the transparent display works like a normal one, allowing your content to be shown in full. The 20 MP front facing camera is concealed behind the screen. The release date for both these new technologies hasn’t been decided but will soon be there in the market.

Now, the question is to discover whether these cameras prove any uniqueness to the usual selfie camera or is it the same.

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