Do You See Meat In Lives Of Animals?

By: Vaibhav Singh
Ever wondered what happened to the bulls after that? Or what happened to them during the run? No. Who cares what happens to the dumb creatures who cannot speak for their rights.
The bulls, after being captivated in a dark enclosure, are prodded with an electric shock to sunlight, suddenly, which makes them dizzy and blind for a while. Then the herd goes for rampage on the concrete roads, which are hard to even walk for the bulls. Many bulls slip on the road in the process, and many collide with the walls, hurting and bruising themselves. It sometimes results in the deaths of people, as well as bulls. Now after the years, people of Pamplona gathered together against this traditional violent sport.
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It all looks fine superficially, but animals aren’t being treated well by the commercial industry. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood or even Circus, the animals are mutilated and harmed. From the biggest Hollywood movies, to a loafer snake charmer, everyone persuades animals into danger for their benefit.
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The worst treatment is given by the factory farming industry. Millions of poultry animals are slaughtered everyday and many dies because of the captivation and the allergies they get in such a horrific environment. The conditions are so bad that animals are not exposed to sunlight for a year and are made to stick inside a cage, where the slightest of the movement isn’t even possible.
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Mother pigs are also kept in the gestation crates, so small that the piglets, for which they are kept in the crates, suffocates in the crates just after their birth and die. Male piglets shriek in pain as their testicles are violently ripped off and their tales are cut off without any anaesthesia. And even they are tortured while being conscious, with electric prongs in their eyes. The chickens, ducks , turkeys are constricted  so badly that they cannot even move their single wing.Cows are hanged upside down before they are slaughtered, and are also tortured with electric prongs, while being conscious. They are given artificial nourishments so that they grow and produce milk, more than their natural produce. This leads to infections and side effects and early death of the animal. When the animal is no longer able to provide milk, they are sent to s slaughter house to serve the purpose of meat.
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Apart from the factory farming, the animals served for the purpose of entertainment , also have a great threat of mental distress. The animals like elephant, monkey, bears, lions, dogs, which are showcased in the circuses lives a hectic life in captive cruelty. These animals, apart from their natural habitat, negate their natural instincts. They are also deprived of their natural food, which leads to health issues. Elephants in an average required 200 kg of food in a day, which they don’t get in the captivity, plus they walk on the hard surface, which leads to pain. Other than elephants,animals like  lions , bears , sloth bears , have sharp claws and teeths. Their teeths and claws are  severed down without using any anaesthesia. The Madaris who bring sloth bears put an iron nail inside their nose, which leads to a swelled wound and magots then gather around that.
Even the Zoo isn’t a safe place for the animals. Many undercover operations carried out by PETA (People for ethical treatment of animals) in several zoos in India resulted in the banishment of most of them, and many animals transported to other facilities because of the insufficient or inadequate treatment of animals. The government of India has prohibited the use of bears, monkeys, tigers, panthers and lions for street performances. All species of monkey are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. This act declares that all Indian wildlife is government property and prohibits the capture and possession of monkeys.
Being an individual and an educated person, one should try to abolish the use of such facilities because animals are emissary of gods. They cannot speak, but they have emotions and consciousness. They have feelings and families. Slaughter of a life isn’t less than the slaughter of a human.

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